Inspiration for this memorial for all workers started with a construction workers tragic death in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 19, 2000. Antonio Garcia-Reyes was working at a construction site on a local college campus when he apparently lost his balance and fell three (3) stories.

The following year as this country struggled with the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, and the death of Antonio Garcia-Reyes still fresh in our minds, the Committee thought it would be impressive if it could build a memorial designed around a portion of the World Trade Center to honor those killed or injured in the work place including the 2749 people that were working and perished on September 11, 2001. We contacted our United States Representative in Washington, D.C., the Alabama Red Cross and operating engineers at Ground Zero with our idea and even before we knew what we wanted, we had a seven-foot section of I-beam from World Trade Center, Tower One.

The Workers Memorial Committee has designed Workers Memorial Commons, a memorial that would commemorate all workers, using that fragment of I-beam recovered from the World Trade Center. Our plans are to construct the Memorial on River Walk in Tuscaloosa, Alabama along the Black Warrior River Scenic Byway.

The Workers Memorial Committee is appealing to individuals, communities, industries and organizations for support of Workers Memorial Commons with contributions to Workers Memorial Commons Foundation, Inc.

Progress in protecting workers' safety and health has been slowing as we move from larger industries with established safety programs to smaller businesses that have yet to implement safeguards for their employees. Most recent job fatality data (2006), from 'Death on the Job' Report, 2011, show 5,657 fatal workplace injuries reported, down only .2% from the previous years 5840 fatal injuries.

Workers Memorial Commons Foundation, Inc.


Workers Memorial Commons Foundation, Inc. was established in June 22, 2007 to construct and maintain Workers Memorial Commons on the River Walk in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Workers Memorial Commons Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity managed by an all volunteer staff.

The Foundation's goal is to build the Memorial with in-kind services, donated materials and sponsorships from businesses, organizations and individuals. Workers Memorial Commons will be a memorial that embraces every worker regardless of vocation, ethnic background or economic prominence.

                  Central Sculpture

This bronze fifteen foot central sculpture supporting a section of I-beam from Tower One of the World Trade Center will be displayed in a negative edge reflective pool at the entrance of Workers Memorial Commons. The stylized bronze arms represent every worker killed or injured on the job including the 2749 people who were working and perished on September 11. The bronze arms extend upward out of the rubble illustrating the unrelenting drive to rise and rebuild time and time again.