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    Summary of Workers Memorial Commons project that includes the budget, mission statement, needs, problems, goals and objectives.


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    Collection of news articles, design sketches, background information, photos and committee members.


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     This flyer highlights our accomplishments and includes some of the latest information on Worker Memorial Commons, the World Trade Center, Tower One I-beam and the 24 tons of steel salvaged and forged into the bow of USS New York (LPD-21).

Location on River Walk


     The photograph was taken from the top floor of the Tuscaloosa News building and the memorial was superimposed to illustrate its proposed location. River Walk loops through Workers Memorial Commons with Jack Warner Parkway in the foreground and Hugh Thomas Bridge crossing the Black Warrior River into Northport from downtown Tuscaloosa, Alabama.




Contact Information

    Workers Memorial Commons Foundation, Inc.
      1923 Culver Road                             P.O. Box 20264
      Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401            Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35402
    Executive Director                             Development Director
      James M. Crowder                               Woody Colangelo
      1923 Culver Road                                 7300 Stormy Lane
      Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401                 Northport, Alabama 35473
      P: 205.758.4476   F: 205.758.4479           P: 205.343.1559  F: 205.758.4479

Workers Memorial Commons Foundation, Inc.


Workers Memorial Commons Foundation, Inc. was established in June 22, 2007, to construct and maintain Workers Memorial Commons on the River Walk in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Workers Memorial Commons Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, is managed by a volunteer staff.

The Foundation's goal is to build the Memorial with in-kind services, donated materials and sponsorships from businesses, organizations and individuals. Workers Memorial Commons will be the first memorial that embraces every worker regardless of vocation, ethnic background or economic prominence.

                  Central Sculpture

This bronze fifteen foot central sculpture supporting a section of I-beam from Tower One of the World Trade Center will be displayed in a negative edge reflective pool at the entrance of Workers Memorial Commons. The stylized bronze arms represent every worker killed or injured on the job including the 2749 people who were working and perished on September 11. The bronze arms extend upward out of the rubble illustrating the unrelenting drive to rise and rebuild time and time again.