World Trade Center Memorial


Remember and honor the thousands of innocent men, women, and children that perished by the horrific terrorists attacks of February 26, 1993 and September 11, 2001
World Trade Center Memorial

Brookwood No. 5 Miners Memorial


Located at West Brookwood Church, adjacent to No. 5 Mine on Lock 17 Road in Brookwood, Alabama. The Memorial and Monument was built in memory of the thirteen brave coal miners who lost their lives September 23, 2001. An annual memorial service is held on September 23rd each year and is open to the public.
No. 5 Miners Memorial          Sketch of the Miners by Rebert Corkren

Alabama State Firefighter Memorial


The memorial serves as a symbol of gratitude to the men and women of the fire service who risk their lives every day to protect the people of Alabama. The Joint Fire Council agreed that the monument should be placed on the beautifully landscaped grounds of the Alabama Fire College in Tuscaloosa.
Alabama Firefighters Memorial

Hunt Refining Company Memorial


This Memorial is dedicated to the retirees of Hunt Refining Company. The Memorial is located just outside the entrance of the Tuscaloosa, Alabama refinery. Hunt Refining Company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is on Goodrich Boulevard south of Tuscaloosa on US Highway 11 (Culver Road).
Hunt Retirees Memorial

Workers Memorial Commons Foundation, Inc.


Workers Memorial Commons Foundation, Inc. was established in June 22, 2007, to construct and maintain Workers Memorial Commons on the River Walk in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Workers Memorial Commons Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, is managed by a volunteer staff.

The Foundation's goal is to build the Memorial with in-kind services, donated materials and sponsorships from businesses, organizations and individuals. Workers Memorial Commons will be the first memorial that embraces every worker regardless of vocation, ethnic background or economic prominence.

                  Central Sculpture

This bronze fifteen foot central sculpture supporting a section of I-beam from Tower One of the World Trade Center will be displayed in a negative edge reflective pool at the entrance of Workers Memorial Commons. The stylized bronze arms represent every worker killed or injured on the job including the 2749 people who were working and perished on September 11. The bronze arms extend upward out of the rubble illustrating the unrelenting drive to rise and rebuild time and time again.